This page is here to help you become the ideal dental student candidate! Below, you will find tons of outside resources that can help you study for the DAT, gain admission, or simply figure out if dentistry is right for you!

DAT Preparation : ¬†Here, you’ll find links to commonly used DAT preparation material. Explore your options to find the perfect way to study and ace the DAT!

Dental School Admissions : Click here to access Texas dental school websites, and links that will help you apply. Start your research early and make your application process a breeze!

General Pre-Dental Information : Find ways how you can get involved with national organizations as a pre-dental student here!

Roadmap to Dental School : Looking for advice on how to structure your pre-dental years at UT Dallas? Here are a few links that will tell you what dental schools are expecting and looking for. Use this as a reference, and make your undergraduate years a great experience!