Miles for Smiles

Hello Everyone!

Miles for Smiles is an annual run-athon that benefits Texas A&M College of Dentistry’s Social Services Fund, which provides low cost and quality dental care to eligible DFW residents.

In 2023, Miles for Smiles is being held on Saturday, April 1st (subject to change) in Exall Park. This is down the street from the Texas A&M School of Dentistry’s campus, and is located near downtown Dallas.

1. Become a Committee Member
In order to be considered an “Active Miles For Smiles Committee Member,” a PDA member must fundraise $100. YOU CAN BECOME A COMMITTEE MEMBER AT ANY TIME AS LONG AS YOU RAISE $100 BY THE SPRING DEADLINE (EXACT DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER).

Additional levels of recognition include “Honorable Miles For Smiles Committee Member” if a member raises $314 or “Distinguished Miles For Smiles Committee Member” if a member raises $500. These distinctions can be listed on your application and are a great way to show TAMSOD how involved you are by going above and beyond!

2. Log your donations
In order for your contributions to be counted as raised under your name, you MUST fill out the information on this form each time you get a donation (if you go to a business and do not get a donation, still fill out the form!)


Fill out for BUSINESSES: Link

Fill out for NON-BUSINESSES (Friends, family, etc.): Link

IMPORTANT FOR BUSINESSES: Print out this form to give to sponsors and make sure they fill out the last page! This document includes information about Miles for Smiles, the IRS Tax Deductible number, and a sponsor page.

Money can be raised in numerous ways!

1. Through direct contributions from local businesses. This can include local dentists, or even stores like Walmart, CVS, Tiff’s Treats, ect. Any business, or even family/friend member that is interested in donating, counts! This is the best method to finding sponsors and making an immediate impact.

2. Through raffle items. In the past, this has included gift cards from local businesses, a Kendra Scott necklace, and more! Any item that a business is willing to donate, counts. Be sure to include the value of the item in the form.

3. Through food/drink/shirts/ect. for the day of the run-athon. In the past, sports drinks, popsicles, and snacks have been donated. This is a good option to ask of local restaurants and/or large grocery stores.

If you have questions please email or contact an officer on GroupMe.

Some tips:

1. Start EARLY. The earlier you start, the more different locations you can ask to donate from, and the more likely that it will be a business that hasn’t already been bombarded by UTD PDA members. Additionally, the amount donated will be listed by your name in the Miles for Smiles Committee list.

2. Be CREATIVE. Aside from local dental offices, oftentimes many medical offices, coffee shops, restaurants, and more are incredibly happy to donate. Try to expand and you’ll have a great turn-out for contributions!

3. Research and educate yourself about what the event is. There is no better way to lose a potential donor than by not knowing what you’re even trying to raise money for. 

4. If you need help sending an email to a sponsor, click here to see our sample. You are more than welcome to use this, just be sure to revise it before sending it out.

If you want to see a list of past sponsors for an idea of who to approach, click here for 2018 list and here for the 2014 list. For the current 2021-22 list click here.

We look forward to hearing from you guys!