Welcome home, UTD PDA member!
This page is the place to get updated on any upcoming dental related activities or events on our radar. You can also find out more about becoming a member, your hours, and our general meetings.

How to be a Member for 2021-2022:

Please fill out the membership form before you submit your $30 dues through Paypal. You must fill out the membership form every year. If your Paypal name does not match the name you used on the membership form please email us at We can’t wait to meet all our new members!

Click this link to fill out the membership form.

Dues may be paid through paypal in the link above or in cash if needed. This $30 fee will go towards getting shirts and events set up for all of our members throughout the year. Your dues must be paid by 9/24 to receive a shirt this semester.

It is never too late to become a member! Just fill out the form, pay the due, and you’re set! 

Active Members:

Click This Link to access the hours sheet for the 2021-22 school year. This document records the hours collected by every member for all events, service participation, and general meetings you sign up for and attend. To remain an active member, you must fulfill 15 hours of service/meeting hours (7 may be outside hours which should be submitted to This Link ) and participate in 2 social events. Due to Covid-19, there may be necessary exceptions implemented! If there are any mistakes, please email us ASAP to fix the problem!

If you have any feedback for our organization, officers, or events, please let us know by filling out our feedback form HERE!