Application Resources

Note: Oct 1 is the first day to register/submit to gain a spot in the HPE process. It is rolling admission (typically filling within a week)- so get your Bio Form in early!

Here is a link to last year’s Bio Form (EY 2023). We are not sure how it will be changed for EY 2024 but it should look similar!

Start working on your essays before October 1!
Essay prompts can be found at:

  1. Personal Statement (Required of All Applicants): The personal essay asks you to explain your motivation to seek a career in dentistry. You are asked to discuss your philosophy of the dental profession and indicate your goals relevant to the profession. The essay is limited to 5000 characters, including spaces.
  2. Personal Characteristics (Required of All Applicants): Learning from others is enhanced in educational settings that include individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Please describe your personal characteristics (background, talents, skills, etc.) or experiences that would add to the educational experience of others. The personal characteristics essay is limited to 2500 characters, including spaces.
  3. Unique Circumstances (Optional, but definitely do it): Briefly discuss any unique circumstances or life experiences that are relevant to your application, which have not previously been presented. Optional Essay is limited to 2500 characters, including spaces.

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