2022-2023 Officers

Your 2022-2023 UT Dallas Pre-Dental Association officers:


Vivian is a senior majoring in biology and minoring in speech pathology and audiology. She has been a member of PDA ever since she was a freshman and loves its welcoming and supportive community. She’s passionate about the intersection of healthcare and human rights, particularly looking at the accessibility of dental care for the special needs population.
In her free time, Vivian can be found taking pictures of the sunset, making music with her friends, or getting ice cream!


Ryan is a senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Business Administration. This is his 4th year as a PDA member and he loves helping people get involved with the community and dentistry.
Outside of school, he likes to work out and hang out with friends, and has also recently been enjoying hiking. If you have any Dallas hiking recommendations, send them his way!


Rayaan is a Junior majoring in Healthcare Studies!
This is his second year apart of PDA and he enjoys being involved in a club that has assisted in meeting other pre-dental students.
In his free time, Rayaan enjoys playing Basketball and spending time with family and friends watching Football on Sundays.


Bryan is a junior majoring in Biology! This is Bryan’s second year in PDA and his favorite part of the club is connecting with other pre-dents and helping each other towards the common goal of becoming a dentist.
When he’s not studying, Bryan is probably out looking for some good food, teaching at his church, or at home watching anime and running up games with a 5 stack. Fun fact: Bryan is just slightly addicted to soda and once drank 12 cans of Pepsi at a Christmas party!


Talen is a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Business Administration! Talen has been in PDA for 2 years now. His favorite part of PDA is interacting with the pre-dental community through volunteering and social events.
As an event coordinator, Talen looks to bring various volunteer opportunities so the PDA members are able to give back to the community.
Talen’s hobbies include playing Valorant, volleyball, tennis, and music. Fun fact: Talen once drove 20 miles for a Sprite Cranberry.


Hannah is a junior majoring in Healthcare Studies and minoring in Business Administration! Having been a part of PDA since freshman year, she loves the diverse opportunities offered by the association that helps her to thrive as a pre-dental student.
In her free time, she likes to have mini karaoke sessions! Fun fact: Hannah moved to Turkey twice and lived there for a total of 7 years!


Mackenzie is a junior majoring in neuroscience! This will be her 3rd year as a PDA member, and her favorite part of the club is meeting other pre-dental students and making new connections.
In her free time, she loves to watch movies, read, and get frozen yogurt with her friends. Fun fact: Mackenzie was an extra in a movie when she was 5.


Katherine is a senior majoring in biology. This is her 4th year in PDA and currently applying. She enjoys connecting with other predental and helping people get involved in the dental field.
In her free time she enjoys going to concerts, watching movies, and trying new restaurants. If you need a spot to eat, she has a list of recommendations to try!


Charisse is a junior majoring in Healthcare Studies!
Charisse has been in PDA for 2 years now and loves the opportunity to volunteer. And she also loves being a part of the pre-dental community at UTD.
Charisse is the Meeting Coordinator for PDA. Meetings are where you get to know about all the good things that PDA has to offer, so she wants everyone to come to the meetings!
Whenever she gets a chance, she loves to go swimming and explore the nearby oceans. Out of the four main oceans, she has been to all but the Arctic Ocean!


Bryan is a senior majoring in Biology! This will be his 3rd year as a PDA member, and he loves how the club offers a fun community of great people who help make the pre-dental journey a lot easier.
In his free time, Bryan loves weight lifting, video games, and eating all the good food he can get his hands on. Fun fact: I plan on going to culinary school during my gap year.


Brian is a junior majoring in Biology! This is his second year in PDA and he loves being apart of a community filled with other Pre-dents and wonderful opportunities.
As historian, Brian will do his best to capture all of the memorable moments, flattering and unflattering
On his time off, Brian enjoys art through painting or drawing, playing video games, and watching tv shows.