How to Become a Member

To become a member of the Pre-Dental Association at the University of Texas at Dallas, please follow the instructions below. For the 2011 Membership cycle and beyond, all dues can be paid online through Paypal, with credit card, or cash/check, and all forms can be filled out and submitted online. Read below for more instructions!

To maintain membership status, the following must be completed:

- Pay your dues
Dues are $30 for the entire academic year. Dues can be paid online through Paypal, or at general meetings with credit card, cash or check. Payment is most preferred through Paypal since it is much easier to track, but if you need to pay through another method, please email any officer and we can arrange to meet with you and get your dues in person.

- Turn in your Membership Form
Download and submit the Membership Form under the “General Resources” section on our Resources Page, or click here and submit.

- Fulfill 15 hours of volunteer service/attendance at general meetings each year
You get one hour for each general meeting you attend; all other events/activities will be posted on the Member’s Vault Page and emailed out to all members. This is per year, not per semester.

After you have turned in your form/paid dues, you can view your hours here!

Not your ordinary Pre-Dental T-Shirt...

Every member gets a free t-shirt of their choice upon paying dues. You can either pick your t-shirt up after a general meeting, or contact an officer and we can arrange to meet with you to get you your shirt.

Not a Pre-Dental member but would like to buy a t-shirt? They are $15 dollars each, and you can email us at to arrange to pick one up!